The Nexus of Forces

After working with relational and transactional systems for nearly two decades, the limitations of traditional technology became more and more obvious for us. It became very clear that this is not the future. A system built on such principles cannot handle the constant increase of data, both in volume, velocity and variety. We were already struggling with performance in our exchange settlement systems and trading and risk management systems. Therefore, when the chance to start over came along, using all kinds of technology now available, it was not a doubt in our minds that this is what we must do.
Gartner has defined the change now happening as “The Nexus of Forces”. Four trends, The Nexus of Forceseach one of them innovative and disruptive on their own, are now happening at once: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information. Together they are revolutionizing business and society, disrupting old business models and creating new leaders. The Nexus is the basis of the technology platform of the future.

The Nexus of Forces
The Nexus of Forces
Source: Gartner, 2013

For an energy company, social media might not be obvious. However, it is easy to picture customer portals that incorporate social media. In addition, what if utilities could tap into social media to get near real-time information about what is going on in their area? Information that is not possible to reach through press or other official channels. Our system has a wide spread of social media

As everyone becomes constantly online, new possibilities arises. Wherever you are, you want to be able to check the status of your energy trading portfolio, whether your grid is operating as it should, and if there is a problem you should know. Our system provides client agnostic services to support all kind of client devices and receiving systems.

The cost of having on premise data centers are high and it is expensive to meet the availability, security and scalability of today’s cloud services. Our system is native cloud based.

A huge amount of data is collected daily, but the full potential of all this data is rarely reached. With new technologies like noSQL databases and analytic platforms like Hadoop, the possibility to reach the full potential is closer than ever. With the guidance of industry leaders we have established a data platform that lets you handle huge amounts of data in near real-time and do deep analytics and predictions to unlock hidden information and take right decisions.

By utilizing the Nexus of Forces, we are building the next generation IT systems for tomorrow’s energy companies.

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